About Bali

Temples, sacred forests and gentle people set amidst landscapes of
emerald green rice paddies, swaying palm trees, majestic volcanoes,
and lakes of turquoise and azure all contribute to this island’s
immeasurable beauty. Its rich heritage of artistic culture is reflected in
the arts, music, theatre and dance.  Traditions steeped in mythology
are part of  the routine and direction of the local people’s daily lives
with daily offerings, rituals, festivals and ceremonies. Bali is the island
of the Gods and paradise for man on earth.

A corner of this paradise is yours to be enjoyed at Villa Frangipani for the duration of your stay.  Many guests opt to
simply relax at the villa and let the hustle and bustle of their everyday life fade away.  For those who would prefer
to experience more of the island’s charm, there is much to see and do, from adrenalin rush activities to cultural
experiences not to mention fabulous shopping.  Leaflets on activities are at the villa and can be booked directly or
you can simply ask the Villa Manager to make the booking arrangements for you and he can also advise you on
how best to watch certain festivities.  A few highlights of Bali’s attractions are listed below.

Cultural Interest

Temples - There are said to be over 10,000 temples and shrines in Bali, the mosts famous of which are the
Elephant Caves near Ubud and Besakih Temple on Mount Agung. Normally peaceful and uninhabited, Bali’s
temples transform into scenes of great activity and are ornately decorated during festivals with traditional dance
performances, cockfighting.  Etiquette requires you wear a sarong and adorn a sash when entering a temple.

Festivals - Religious festivals abound in Bali and on any given day trip out, you may have to give way to a procession
of finely clad men, women & children bearing offerings of fruit, flowers and sacred statues. Some of the more
prominent festivals are:

  • Melasti, a purification festival which is held the day before the Balinese Lunar New year, Nyepi.
  • Galungan is a celebration of the creation of the world and Kuningan which is held 10 days later, celebrates the end of the holiday season.





Waterbom Park - 5 star water park with over 17 slides.
White Water Rafting - Great action, fun & adventure with 100% safety record with Adventure Tour company, Sobek
Elephant safari park - See, feel, ride & feed elephants in their natural surroundings.
Cycling -  A chance to go deep into Bali's countryside and witness first hand the daily life of rural rice farmers
Trekking - see the real Bali by following the farmers' footsteps through rice fields, across rivers and through traditional Balinese Villages.
Jump at sunset or at night - there are jumps here you can't do anywhere else in the world.
Diving - All year around enjoy the thrill of diving with manta and sharks in some of the best  diving sites in the world, revealing an array of macro delights.
Fishing - Enjoy open water scenery whilst trolling for Tuna, Blue Marlin, Mackerel, and many other species of deepwater game fish. Bottom fishing is equally popular with a good chance of catching snappers, blue crevally,  etc.